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The MySpace phenomenon continues to scale ever new heights of all that is bizarre…
A couple of days ago i got a friend add request from “international supermodel Naomi Campbell”

Human Greed? Naomi Campbell? could it really be the case that international media figures are having to scrabble around to such depths as to have to unearth the likes of Human Greed to add a digit to their list of friends?

Now, I stopped caring long ago about signing up who ever called by as a friend, and one of my insomnia cures at the moment is poaching the absurdly bloated friend list of Stephen Stapleton – HA! But I really draw the line at this and have sent a message asking Ms Campbell why she might want to be a friend of mine.

The meaningless howl of desperation whistles through this crap like the wind at the end of time.

And yet it is so very very funny, no?

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