A clean, well lit space

Hemingway said that all a writer required was a clean, well lit space – and there is a lot you can agree with there. But its often just a dream that one will ever find something that pure, that simple as a clean, well lit space. Writers – and I mean that in the broadest sense to accommodate “avant electronica” and “melancholic experimentalist” musicians – often compensate for the impossibility of this simple provision with accommodating every inch of spare space with the detritus of the mind made fact. I have certainly been there. Anyone having seen the space in Berlin where Nick Cave used to work will know what the space looks like. Hunter Thompson almost certainly led the way when it comes to describing the state of the mind with the clutter of the room. And here we find Will Self issuing 71 piccies of his study to nail the point home.

Point of interest – you can go through them all and they have one thing in common – he ain’t in them!

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