slow erasing of life

It is a conspiracy. First, one host goes out of business and brings down – which I have only just retrieved. And now, Omnempathy goes down because the host has screwed up on the registrar renewal.
The fact that this blog and the various myspace profiles are the only live areas where info can be had about me presents an interesting situation:

Why bother with personal / company sites when there are these free web 2.0 tools that are, mostly, more robust and effective?

Really there is no reason, until you come to consider the underlying trend of Web 2.0 and the myth of liberation of content and democratising of content authoring.

Consider that all of these tools are owned by a very small handful of very powerful businesses, then consider that it is highly, HIGHLY unlikely that I am the only one who has considered transferring all of my concerns to a Web 2.0 portfolio… Then weep.

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