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Lee from the recommended Judas Kiss Magazine has just been in touch with an advance proof of the Pilgrim review due to appear on their new look site – to be launched soon. Here is the review in full…

Human Greed – ‘Pilgrim: New World Homestead’ CD

To create music that truly sets a mood or changes an atmosphere simply by its presence and the tones it resonates is somewhat of an impressive feat. All the elements of its structure and its presentation have to be just right in order for it so succeed and yet time and time again an endless barrage of artists constantly try to achieve this formidable task and quite often fail. Ok the whole dark ambient genre is built up around this but how often does it actually reach its it marker by presenting a set of recordings that is little more than just a soundtrackesque set of low rumbles and drones?

Outside of this specific genre it’s even more hit and miss with so many recording artists just falling short. Of course there are those who do manage to skillfully succeed in their quest for wonderfully abstract atmospheric music and thankfully ‘Pilgrim: New World Homestead’ the second album by Scottish duo Human Greed does just that through the nine tracks that make up their album.

Consisting of dark abstract electronic drones and soundscapes that intermingle with glitched shadows of noise and the occasional sampled vocals, Human Greed create an icy cold and deeply unsettling atmosphere that emanates from their compositions and holds you firm with its powerfully malevolent grip. Like a musical accompaniment to a fragmented dream the mood and spirit of their work snatches imagery and feelings from various sources and delivers them in a hypnotically compelling way. At first you want to reject them but very quickly they absorb themselves into your being and become something you can lose yourself in all too quickly with little sign of escape.

From track to track the structure of their work changes. From echoes of early tape manipulations to stark and isolating drones to manipulated electronic noises and sounds to a subtle and yet affirmatively noticeable dark ambient structure that when combined together produces a cleverly structured dense sound and essence that produces its own aura around it and drops the listener squarely into the atmosphere it produces. Bingo! Spot on. It works just like it was meant to and whilst producing such a complex and indulging listening experience at the same time. ‘Pilgrim….’ Showcases Human Greed’s skill at producing and delivering wonderfully engulfing ambient-esque music of the very highest quality by showcasing a set of recordings what grows with each listen and entices the listener deeper and deeper into its compositions at the same time – a wonderfully absorbing listen. LP

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