I am happy.
It is fleeting, I know, It always is. But I have had some good correspondence with a complete stranger this week, and i have just spent the afternoon buying things. Old things. Old things reformatted to make them new. Old things that could have easily been acquired through Limewire and what not – but would have denied the pleasure of reading sleevenotes, handling the artifact, touching the product.
John Cale biography: tick
Scott 2 (the one with The Bridge) – tick, oh yes, oh, fucking, TICK
Voices on the Air – the Banshee Peel Sessions – from where it all began right up to the point where you can get an absurd Paul Morley overview – T.i.c.k.
Faith – Yes, The Cure’s third album. Please see previous reports for that which made an impact, was buried and, when surfaced, reveals itself to have carved a river bed in your soul and pissed all over your work. Oh, bye bye youth. Bye bye true clear original course of endeavour. Tick.
Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing. Ah, the Old Man of the Mountain, back again to remind the little heart where to hide, where to focus, where to aim. Tick.

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