“Brain of the enterprise – sullen Begg”
“Although if we begin to listen attentively into this quiet horror, soon you understand, that Human Greed those recently named places even somewhere and exceeded on the part of the forcing of verbal horror stories… The frightening sounds, rising to the highest tones, swell in the cerebellum and they return by bad wave somewhere into the region of coccyx.”

Yup, a review of PILGRIM: New World Homestead has appeared – in Russian – in Gaze Into a Gloom. The above quotes constitute Babelfish’s attempt at translation. I still cannot decide if they like it or not 🙂

To confuse things further, the same site has also published a “review” by cult Japanese cyberpunk author, Kenji Siratori, which, although written, approximately, in English, gives even less away than the formal review. Read the Siratori review?

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