All You Left Behind

While on the subject of data never going away…
Rumours are going about that I am going to get involved, once again, with the tragic Scottish Theatre Scene. Well, let’s see, shall we?
In the meantime, I just fell across an old site of a Russian Company called BlackSkyWhite. This remarkable company brought a show called Bertrands Toys to Edinburgh a few years back. I was thrown sideways by the visceral impact of sound and image. The narratives were so strong – but existed completely without words. One could only indicate, colour, persuade and convince people to go and see the work – you couldn’t easilly pin it down.
Small links. I contacted their artistic director – an unfortunately self important diva – with a view to him perhaps taking on some Human Greed tracks. He showed willing. I went to London where they were performing at the South Bank. Steven Severin and I arranged to meet. The Russian was haughty and remote. Severin and I got on well, shared food, stayed up too late in places that our mothers wouldn’t approve of and, to his credit and my eternal gratitude, offered to contract and release Consolation.
But it is a damn shame that the Russians didn’t seem to make it beyond 2003 – unless you know otherwise?

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