Prego – You Bastards

As predicted in my last entry, the process of getting from one country to another was filled with distress, idiocy, basic grasping greed and the complete eroding of self!
Between them KLM, AlItalia and Air France managed to cancel a flight, lose our bags on one system even though they appeared on another, divert me to two different European cities, leave my luggage sitting out on the runway through a storm only to return it to me 4 days later…

and so on and so forth. AlItalia reserve a special place in my heart of hate. It almost became amusing on the return journey to watch random flights attributed to them simply fold up and die mere minutes before departure. No explanation, no comeback, no responsibility.

Genova, however, was fantastic. I walked through the old town late at night, sprawled myself on marble steps, tasted the sea on night winds and felt the weight of the Roman Empire pushing up from beneath every cobble. I now officially forgive Italy for my Venice experience!

Oh, and a neatly planned insurance claim means that my new Gucci Suit, Prada Shoes and Sony Digital Camera are being paid for partly by Al Fucking Italia. Head Up. Head Down. Shoot. Score.

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