Fucked from Birth Part 3 :: "Mouth replaced – Tears removed"

As if the combined memories of Jon Benet Ramsey and Peter Sotos’s texts weren’t enough, those without shame continue to thrive, apparently – watch out for the overweight baby on the next linked page!
Come on – What chance? What fucking chance? What fucking chance do your children have?
Click the image to be taken to powder puff hell!

*Mouth Replaced
*Hair Replaced
*Tears removed
*Lashes added
*Stray hairs removed
*Eye liner added
*Eye shadow, lipstick, and blush added
*Facial powder added
*Brows shaped
*Skin blended
*Dark circles removed
*”Doll Eyes” added
*Background changed
*Shadows removed
*Photo angled, brightened, sharped

There is an extra charge for a
“total makeover.”

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